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Finest Rug Cleaning Service Team In Gungahlin

Carpet Cleaning Gungahlin is a leading provider of rug cleaning services. Our experts can take good care of all your rug cleaning wishes. No matter what size and shape the rug is, our home rug cleaners are available to assist you. We take pride in our Rug Cleaning Gungahlin team for catering amazing services. Nothing seems more beautiful than seeing our clients with a freshly cleaned rug. And, we put maximum effort into meeting your expectations. So, if you have reached here by searching for rug cleaning near me, Then do call us. We take the same day and emergency rug cleaning bookings at 02 6188 7105.

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Easy To Call Same Day Rug Cleaning Solutions In Gungahlin

Our company is locally based in Gungahlin and considers bookings from all over the suburb. Additionally, we work on same day rug cleaning Gungahlin principle. Being the oldest company in Gungahlin, you can trust us for a rapid response over call and quick service. So, now there is no need to wait for professional rug cleaning experts fr days when we are here with the fast service. Our same day rug cleaning cost is also affordable. Be it deep rug cleaning, or shampooing or drying, our local rug cleaners are waiting to hear from you!

24 Hours Rug Cleaning Services For The Gungahlin Residents

Our rug cleaning Gungahlin team has gained popularity among Gungahlin residents for quality rug cleanings. We provide a range of services, you can have a look at our cleaning services & choose the one that fits right for you: 

  • Steam Cleaning Of Rug

We have unique steam cleaners for the best quality cleaning of rugs. By using steam, the rug gets deeply cleaned & gets germ free in no time. Also, our company caters for this type of cleaning at a very nominal price. 

  • Rug Dry Cleaning

If your indoors are looking moist and have a dirty rug, let us provide you with a dry cleaning service. The benefits of dry cleaning of rugs are- better indoors, great comfort and freshly looking rugs. Also, this is a time-effective way to clean rugs. 

  • Rug Odour Removal

Rugs with time and use start to stink and smell bad. If this is the situation with you also, then we can suggest you a rug odour removal service. We have top quality deodorizers that not only refresh the rug but also prevent mould and bacteria from building up. 

  • Mould Removal From Rugs

If you have mould on the rug and are worrying about its removal, call us. We can assist you with the same day mould removal service in Gungahlin. You can get in touch with us today over call & we will provide the top-notch rug cleaning service for you.

  • Rug Sanitization

Sanitizing your rug is our speciality. You can ring us up if you are facing any allergies due to dirty rugs. Sanitising of rugs must be done twice or thrice every year. And it is really important when you have kids and elders at home. For a price estimate, call us now!

  • Rug Shampooing

Shampooing of rugs is one of the oldest forms of cleaning upholstery. Following the saying, “old is gold” we can help you with a complete rug shampooing service. Give your rug an exclusive cleaning experience & appoint us today! 

Rug Marks & Stains And Our Methodology To Remove Them

Stains on rugs are never entertained by anyone. Moreover, they degrade the entire look of the rug. For this reason, we have come up with a complete rug stain removal treatment. We make use of specific cleaning solutions and detergents that are fabric-friendly and safe. 

Our rug cleaning Gungahlin experts first vacuum your rug. After vacuuming we steam clean it and sprinkle our unique stain removal detergents. Later on, by using brushes, we scrub the stains and clean them. Lastly, we end cleaning the stain by re-vacuum which is followed by a post-inspection and it’s done. Certain stains which we can be called for are- oil, blood, water, milk, vomit, urine, faeces and grease, etc. 

Full Proof Cleaning Guide For Long-lasting rugs

Carpet Cleaning Gungahlin specialize in oriental rug cleaning, shag pile & woven rugs. We focus on detail & offer personal attention to the rugs while cleaning them. Have a look at the process we follow while cleaning your rug:

  • Pre-inspection & Spot Testing: Close fibre identification & inspection is done to determine the cleaning needs and spot testing is done.
  • Pre-vacuuming: To remove surface dirt and debris, we vacuum the rug thoroughly in linear motion.
  • Deep Cleaning with hot carbonating extraction: By using the hot carbonating extraction method, we deep clean your dirty rug and refreshes it. 
  • Brush & Groom Rug Pile: A constant brushing and grooming are essential during the clean. 
  • Professional Strength deodoriser: Now, towards the end of cleaning we apply a few pleasing deodorizers to make the rug environment pleasing. 
  • Sanitisation: Lastly, it’s time to provide a barrier for moulds, germs and bacteria build-ups. That is why we offer rug sanitization on the cleaned rug & the cleaning ends. 

Why Do You Need To Appoint Our Rug Cleaning Services In Gungahlin?  

Carpet Cleaning Gungahlin have adopted green rug cleaning services in Gungahlin. We focus on cleaning your rugs in the safest manner possible. Additionally, we offer several benefits to our customers. Become a customer to avail the following benefits: 

  • Affordable rug cleaning: Why spend more on DIY rug cleaning methods, when you can get an in-budget rug cleaning from us. We ask for low rug cleaning prices. 
  • Emergency & same day rug cleaning: 24 hours working makes us available for you in cases of rug cleaning urgencies. Otherwise, we also deliver same day rug cleanings. 
  • Licensed Company & Staff: We are one of the licensed & famous rug cleaning companies in Gungahlin with fully insured & certified staff. 
  • Fibre-friendly Solutions: All of our rug cleaning products are safe for the fabric. As well as we deliver zero damage rug cleaning. 
  • On-Time Service: Our professional rug cleaners offer fast and timely service. Call us if you wish for a speedy rug cleaning done today!


Q. Do your rug cleaning Gungahlin service offer rug shampooing? 

Yes, our company offers the finest rug shampooing service in Gungahlin. In this service type, you get to enjoy a complete cleaning of the rug that includes- vacuuming, stain removal, drying, sanitisation & deodorization. 

Q. How long must I keep a rug? 

On average rugs last about 5 to 20 years. This wholly depends on how well you maintain it. The more you take care of it and the more you opt for professional rug cleaning, the longer it lasts and vice versa. 

Q. When can I ring you up for tug stain removal service? 

You can appoint us wherever you wish to get rug cleaning done. We stay open 365-24-7 in Gungahlin. Also, we are ready to take up your short notice rug cleaning requirements. 

Q. What should be the time gap between two professional rug cleaning services?

Usually, you must take a time gap of one year between 2 professional rug cleanings. This time interval is determined by certain factors. For instance- the level of foot traffic your rug gets, stains, odours, wear and tear, etc. If it gets too much dirt too often, then go with the professional rug cleaning once every 6 months.